an issue about the NVDA 2018.2 and instent translate addon

Mert Anlar

Hi fokes
since I installed the NVDA 2018.2 update, I cannot use the Instent
translate addon. setting up it's shortcuts, and also the languages, for
example, from En to TR, but it automatically sets from auto to TR
and, until I restart the NVDA, it doesn't allows me to open any NVDA
dialog box. i'm getting the following error.
An NVDA settings dialog is already open. Please close it first.
note that using the latest instent translate dev 4.1
here is the log
ERROR - unhandled exception (15:41:23.148):
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 106, in onOk
  File "wx\_core.pyo", line 16711, in __getattr__
PyDeadObjectError: The C++ part of the Choice object has been deleted,
attribute access no longer allowed.

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