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Jonathan COHN

Also, the WEB-AIM mailing list or the A11Y Sslack channel both have numerous Accessibility professionals on list, there are probably folks on that list that can respond directly. I believe I did see some discussion of wrapping SVG in a div with role="image" and then labeling the div. I can't remember if the label has to be with an aria-label / aria-labeledby attribute or if you can use the alt attribute.

Some memories indicate to me that you should add an id to the title within the SVG and then use the aria-labeledby attribute to point to that id.

Sorry I don't have time to research my notes on SVG today.


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I think most if not all of the devs are blind, so you may find it a bit
difficult to get the issue over. Try a ticket on gather if you think its
wrong. All I know is that most graphics with alt tags give a description of
the graphic, according to how detailed the site builder wanted to get of
Normally the big messes occur in javascript intense sites.
I'm not up on html myself, but you need to test the site in different
browsers too.

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I'm new to NVDA but am committed to developing websites that are fully
accessible. I used a custom font with svg logos I uploaded to the font. I
have used every tag I know about but NVDA doesn't read them. If I highlight
the same area on my iPhone and ask it to speak my selection if speaks the
information about the image. I'm hoping you can give me some guidance about
what I need to add to the code or perhaps a perhaps a setting to change in

I made a screen print that shows the area and the code behind it. I believe
this will give you all the information you would need to help me. The screen
print is at:

I also record my iPhone speaking the information and have loaded that short
video here:

Let me know if you need any additional information. I really appreciate your
help with this.


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