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I've downloaded iTunes 12.4 and have used it a little bit today for test purposes, using NVDA on my Windows 7 computer: iTunes didn't freeze while I purchased a song to test the store, nor when I briefly entered the "for you" tab in Apple Music. I usually use Apple Music on my iPhone, not on the PC, so I probably won't go into that any more on my computer, but I do use the store in iTunes for Windows to buy songs, which sometimes caused freezing on this computer in the previous version, but not all the time.
My biggest frustration with the new iTunes is navigation, which has supposedly improved, according to Apple. When scrolling down lists, such as what's in my music library, NVDA doesn't automatically read the next item in the list for me as it used to, I have to use the Read Current Line keystroke instead. I also had a lot of frustration getting back to my entire library after exploring within My Music to see where my playlists were now that there is no separate Playlists tab. There were a few random freezes in iTunes here while I was battling to show my whole music library again, but maybe I was doing things too fast or making some other error which caused those freezes, they may not happen to everyone. Here's hoping I can soon get used to the new layout, even though I doubt there's a solution to the scrolling problem I described above.
I probably can't roll back to an older iTunes version,as 12.3.3 may no longer be compatible with IOS 9.3.2, but with any luck I should find workarounds for my slight frustrations with this new version, even if that means minimizing my use of iTunes on the PC, something which can easily be done for a lot of things as I can buy and play music and manage playlists on my iPhone anyway, so I mostly need iTunes for backups.
There ya go, tthose are my comments about iTunes 12.4, and it'll be interesting to see if others find it frustrating and still prone to freezing.
Bye for now!
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Has anyone downloaded iTunes V 12.4 yet? I've not cause I'm sill downloading IOS 9.3.2. If so is NVDA sill freezing sing the iTunes Store and Apple Muisc?

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