Re: selling an item on eBay

goshawk on horseback

with the way they treat sellers like garbage, and between them and paypal,
charge them 14% for that sort of treatment, I'm not surprised. the problem
is that they have got far too big for there boots, and only something like a
major international boycott of them may get them to take notice of the ever
growing number who are not happy with the way they carry on.


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Ebay has been going down the pan for a couple of years now, not just from
the blind user perspective. Nobody i talk to has a good word to say for it
these days.
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if you have one available, you could try the ebay app on either iPhone or
android. I have been telling ebay for some time about there lack of
accessibility on there selling page, but they are simply not interested in
doing anything about it.
my best bit of advice however, would be don't even bother with ebay, use a
different platform, such as shpock or gumtree, or in-fact any other trading
platform that doesn't charge you 10% and then another 4% for using paypal,
and all that to be part of a system that lets buyers take the waste liquid
as much as they like, and gives sellers no rights at all, which is exactly
what the ebay system does!


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Subject: [nvda] selling an item on eBay

Hi all,

I regularly buy items from eBay and, in my sighted days, occasionally sold
things too. The other day I noticed a pair of Orcam MyEye talking OCR
glasses that sold and, since I have a pair that I would like to sell, used
the "Have one to sell? Sell it yourself" link.

I am not finding the page for entering the details for my item very easy
to navigate! I can add the photos and I can enter the description of the
item, but navigating, with both tab key or num pad object navigation,
repeatedly takes me back to the item description pane.

Does anybody have any suggestions to make listing an item easier with

I'm using Firefox 60, NVDA 2018.2 and Win10

Thanks for any tips,


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