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  Hi  William 
  use the 't' to navigate by table
  the first press of 't' takes you to the date 
  The second press of 't'  takes you to the news section and nvda says blank. 
  If you press up arrow at that time you will here news and pressing down arrow nvda says the name of the first article in the section. 
  I don't know more than that I haven't explored the page more than that. 
  Good luck

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The problem is that the screen reader, be it NVDA, Jaws or anything else can only be used to navigate a web page using shortcut keystrokes provided the web page in question is marked up using the html elementse those keystrokes require to move focus around the screen.  The page you are referring to has no heading mark-up which is why the h command will not work  The only available mark-up elements appear to be links and paragraphs which is why only k an p commands work.  These may or may not be useful to you in finding where each newsletter item starts, so you may have to do a lot of line by line reading using the arrow keys to find the bits you want.     




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Hi Gene & Brian.


First of all in response to an earlier reference from Gene I must state categorically that I am a complete novice as regards NVDA.

I have heard the term "there are more than one way to skin a cat".  Well I am present not able to skin any cat.

I have read thru quite a bit of the short cut keys and they do not react to the way I expect.


That is why i submitted my originally URL which I list again. Gene went to a lot of trouble detailing certain key strokes. However en this led to all sort of results.

I am not all interested in any  k links. If at all possible would it not be possible to give me the simplest method,  At this stage I am only interested in opening the headings and would want the key strokes required to read such articles continuously to the end.  Is this possible?.







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           When the format of a given specific webpage is known, and in this case it is known to be nothing more than a list of links to articles, I don't think it's a disservice to anyone who cannot see to state that fact and to tell them that for this particular page using an elements list is the way to go.

           I'm not trying to teach general principles here, but to help someone get through a very specific webpage, and its child pages.

           And, yes, that's my opinion when I have a specific case under discussion, not a "how would one best go about this in the general case of an unfamiliar page."  Even then I'd encourage someone to give the elements list a look to get a quick snapshot regarding what links, headers, or landmarks might or might not be present.  There's more than one way to skin a cat.


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