Re: How to Open an Attachment with NVDA:

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


it can be done through the messages menu then attachments.

The short cut is alt key + letter M then letter H then it is a matter of
using the arrow keys down to either open, save etc

Yep is on the page up on my mozilla thunder bird page.

Gene nz

On 6/16/2018 6:44 AM, Lawrence Stoler wrote:

I have been an NVDA user for a long time.  I think it's great.

I am out of work.  Recently my resume was updated but I can't open the
file to read it.

Is there a way using specific commands after clicking on the attachment
to open it and read it?  In other words, if I use the arrow keys or tab
through the document, how do I get to access the attachment?

Is there any information about this on

Thank you for a great screen reader, website and support group.


Lawrence Stoler

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