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Yes Firefox of all sorts always does this on my windows 7 machines, so I'm surprised you only just got it. if you are running 64 bit windows I use waterfox now as this seems not to suffer from this. At some point in the past, Firefox did something that momentarily drove up processor core usage when you go to a new page or launch it in the first instance. this seems to randomly create a situation for nvda where it sees no change straight away. often you will find that merely opening a menu and closing it then presents you with the new content. in64bit Waterfox this seems never to happen.
It is supposedly the same code as Firefox before Quantum so why its so much better could be because its only available in a 64 bit version and hence the code is better optimised for multi processors. That is just a guess.

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Anyone else have this issue with firefox 52ESR and NVDA 2018.2? I always have to manually refresh using nvda+f5. so it definitely isn't a browser issue.

I've been away from the computer for a week and just updated. apologies if this has already been covered.

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