Re: getting to a spasific book mark folder on chrome?


I don't use Chrome enough to answer the question.   Have you seen what I've seen discussed on a list, I don't recall which one?  When you are on the address bar, type part of the book mark you are looking for.  I can't tell you if you have to start at the beginning or if you can type just a small amount.  But if you experiment, you may find this much more efficient than organizing book marks and moving them around over time to make first letter navigation easier.

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From: The Wolf
Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2018 12:56 PM
Subject: [nvda] getting to a spasific book mark folder on chrome?

Hello how do I automaticly jump from folder to folder on chrome book

marks?  I got favorites all over the place but want to access the book
marks in the other book marks folder

when I go to book marks

hit o for other book marks it opens the first book mark that starts with o

how do i get around this?



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