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Although I would not say what I wrote was in any way techy, I do think that the person who posted about this could have phrased it less combatively, and perhaps you should not have risen to the bait as much on here. Communicating in text is not that easy as the intonation of a voice is not really conveyed.
I tend to agree with you, but I have encountered people who find it hard to understand what we might consider simple instructions due to not knowing the lingo, so to speak. Your advice, though sound, can be seen as a problem to many people I have tried to teach things to. We are not all the same and words that convey sense to one person are just not in the vocabulary of somebody else especially if that person is dealing with English if that is not their native language.
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I was taught if you cannot follow instructions and you cannot keep up I'm not stoping and you will fall behind. If you cannot keep up drop the class. If you cannot learn how to follow instructions other than what a simpleton does then you should go back to computer school where you learn to cut copy and paste until you can even navigate the file explorer and use the command prompt by yourself, at least the basic stuff like cd and sudo and stuff. I'm not advanced either but I can follow techy and geeky instructions, allowly but I can do it.

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To Brian first of all do you really have to put out instructions the average user can’t follow sir? Not everybody is a techie freak like you sir. To Gary. To change the voices in Red Aloud in Edge hit alt X then press enter on Read Aloud. Next tab to the button that says change voices. Their how simple is that?

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