Re: Sighted instructins, was Fly Outsn?

Patrick Le Baudour

It can be used for gui designing, to open files in some applications (I don't remeber why, but I have had to use that in the past) - that would just require to put it in the correct window -, sometimes to add in a zip file, or to execute a program with a file parameter that is in the same opened folder, or to do individual item sorting in explorer or another application...
Most things can be done other ways, drag and drop was quite convenient in some cases, though.

-- Patrick

Le 17/05/2016 à 00:15, Brian Vogel a écrit :

Drag-and-drop is a very frequently used operation, in many
contexts. In file explorer or windows explorer (depending on which
version of Windows you're using) moving files and folders from place to
place is most commonly done by drag-and-drop, which makes a lot of sense
intuitively because the visuals are as though you've picked up the
selected items and are carrying them from location A to location B. Of
course, this is easily done by select, cut, and paste via the keyboard.

In Microsoft Word, one can position things like tables,
images, and the like by dragging them and dropping them where you'd like
them. Mind you, Word will often not put them precisely where you
thought because it needs to flow text around it or the like, but text
wrapping can be changed such that you get precisely what you want.

There are websites where there are quizzes or tests that
operate by drag-and-drop. For instance, you have a list of terms on one
side and definitions on the other. Often you'll drag-and-drop an
electronic line between the term and what you believe to be its
definition, very much like the paper version of a test that works this way.

The problem with drag-and-drop is that, in the vast majority
of cases, is it's directly dependent on sight. You need to be able to
see source and destination, regardless of context, and to know when
you've reached your destination visually to do the drop. There are some
situations where that may not be the case, but they're relatively few
and far between, and I'm hard pressed at the moment to come up with a
good example. It will probably occur to me right after I hit "send" or
I'll encounter one by happenstance later this evening.

By the way, I seldom use drag and drop to move files
anymore. I far more commonly cut and paste.


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