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When I first saw Lino's message, I thought the matter was a different interpretation of what is wanted.  Instead of making assumptions about someone's motivation and writing nasty messages, perhaps at first, the subject should be approached civilly and with the possibility in mind that the problem may not be what it seems.  I didn't look at the original message carefully but I thought the intention was to use one voice in NVDA for speak to end on the Internet when using NVDA and not use that voice elsewhere. 
Thus, the discussion of profiles and the instructions thought to be convoluted.  They were discussing how to do something different than in your message, Lino.
and even if the instructions were more complex than necessary, which I didn't check, there are ways to point it out without attacking, almost flaming someone.  If it were stated something like, your instructions are far more complex than necessary to address the problem.  You often write unnecessarily complex instructions.  and then present what you think is better, that makes the point without an almost personal attack.
Note that I am not saying this is the case.  I'm illustrating how to make a point without an attack.
Also, since Brian doesn't use Windows 10, this may have led to the different interpretation.  Speak to end may have been addressed when Read Alout was intended. 

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I don't think it was really clear what exactly he wanted to do though.

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To Brian first of all do you really have to put out instructions the average
user can’t follow sir? Not everybody is a techie freak like you sir. To
Gary. To change the voices in Red Aloud in Edge hit alt X then press enter
on Read Aloud. Next tab to the button that says change voices. Their how
simple is that?

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