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I don't know if the problem can be corrected with Adobe itself.  You might try PDF2TXT, a small almost utility instead of being a program and see if that corrects it.  I've had lots of trouble using the current one but I think I still have the installation file for the older one, which I find works better on a lot of P
DF files.  Or, using OCR such as available in Openbook, Kurzweil, Fine Reader, and I would think other OCR programs might solve the problem.

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Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2018 4:19 AM
Subject: [nvda] PDF file missing spaces

Hi everyone,

I know I've come across this before but I just can't recall the solution.  I've got a PDF file which when I read it, parts of it read with no spaces between words (ditto copying the text out or saving to a text file).

It is something to do with how Adobe Reader interprets the spaces in files created with certain other products, but what I can't remember, is how do I fix it, please?



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