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But what if you don't have jaws? or for some reason jaws doesn't function well on your machine?

At 09:05 PM 6/17/2018, you wrote:
Turning off self-defense allows NVDA to see the available information on screen. It does nothing aside from that to improve accessibility. Using JAWS with self-protection on or off, doesn't change what JAWS sees and, with self-protection on, the program is better protected from attack.

If I needed access beyond the time a JAWS demo runs, since that is what I use now and then, if necessary or desirable, I would turn self-defense off and use NVDA for the that operation, such as a scan, then turn it on afterwards and use the JAWS demo with the program.

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Yes, the very registration of the product was a nightmare for me, too. I
did it, but, I do not know how. As for semi-accessibility, you're
supposed to turn the self-defence off, although Avast does not recommend
the end user to. Why am I saying semi-accessibility? Because Avast has
never been fully accessible as far as screen readers (Jaws and NVDA) are

On 17/06/2018 06:23, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

Is there any add on or perhaps some sort of technique for using the
main interface or in particular, the registration panel in the Avast
Free Anti Virus program?

I used to be able to enter the registration information every year for
the free upgrade, but something may have changed either in NVDA or
Avast to make this impossible for me this year.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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