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Then you can leave selfprotection off and use NVDA with the program.  But JAWS is available as  a demo, a point that I addressed.  and I would expect JAWS to work well in general on machines. 
If you turn off self-protection, malware designed to attack antivirus programs will have a much easier time attacking Avast and either shutting it off or degrading its performance. 

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But what if you don't have jaws? or for some reason jaws doesn't
function well on your machine?

At 09:05 PM 6/17/2018, you wrote:
>Turning off self-defense allows NVDA to see the available
>information on screen.  It does nothing aside from that to improve
>accessibility.  Using JAWS with self-protection on or off, doesn't
>change what JAWS sees and, with self-protection on, the program is
>better protected from attack.
>If I needed access beyond the time a JAWS demo runs, since that is
>what I use now and then, if necessary or desirable, I would turn
>self-defense off and use NVDA for the that operation, such as a
>scan, then turn it on afterwards and use the JAWS demo with the program.
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>Yes, the very registration of the product was a nightmare for me, too. I
>did it, but, I do not know how. As for semi-accessibility, you're
>supposed to turn the self-defence off, although Avast does not recommend
>the end user to. Why am I saying semi-accessibility? Because Avast has
>never been fully accessible as far as screen readers (Jaws and NVDA) are
>On 17/06/2018 06:23, Ron Canazzi wrote:
> > Hi Group,
> >
> > Is there any add on or perhaps some sort of technique for using the
> > main interface or in particular, the registration panel in the Avast
> > Free Anti Virus program?
> >
> > I used to be able to enter the registration information every year for
> > the free upgrade, but something may have changed either in NVDA or
> > Avast to make this impossible for me this year.
> >
> > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> >

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