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Quentin Christensen

Hi Robert,

The information is the same as we have collected previously, as the dialog indicates, OS and NVDA version, language used, country, synthesizer, Braille diaplsy and table,  This information is collected when NVDA checks for updates.  Nothing secure or private is ever transmitted, no spoken content or anything like that is shared.

Prompted by the new privacy regulations in the EU, we wanted to be as open about what data we collect as possible.

For anyone interested, the dialog reads: "In order to improve NVDA in the future, NV Access wishes to collect usage data from running copies of NVDA.

Data includes Operating System version, NVDA version, language, country of origin, plus certain NVDA
configuration such as current synthesizer, braille display and braille table. No spoken or braille content will be ever
sent to NV Access.  Please refer to the User Guide for a current list of all data collected.

Do you wish to allow NV Access to periodically collect this data in order to improve NVDA."

We use this information for several purposes:
- Having an idea about many users we have overall is good to use in promotion.
- Knowing that we have a lot of users in a particular country enables us to do things like prioritising translating information for users in that country.
- Conversely, if there is a large country that we are not reaching, maybe it is because we do not have a translator for the main language used there and that is something we can concentrate on looking for.
- Knowing how many users are on a particular version of Windows allows us to ensure we support what our users are working on.  For instance, when we dropped support for XP, we knew that only a very small percentage of users were still using XP.

We try to collect the minimum information possible which gives us valuable information.  You can opt out of this information collection if you prefer, although it does give us more useful data if the majority of our users allow it.

On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 10:34 AM, Robert Mendoza <lowvisiontek@...> wrote:
    After I updated the master snapshot today and installed to my machine, it prompts me with something like nvda will periodically collects of activity. Not clearly stated but looking around at the Users Guide to look what is all about this feature is. I appreciate your feedback for this one or, is this part of the new integration for the master snapshot version, and how will extend to where does to runs. Primarily, kinda concerned what is all about with this and wanting to make sure it does not violates the entirely the privacy of my machine and security. If someone could shed info about this, I truly appreciated it.

Robert Mendoza

Quentin Christensen
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