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Yes Windows Defender is what used to be called MSE in earlier versions. There is not a tray icon as far as I know. If you want to get to it, open the start menu and type defender and it should be the first result. Also you can do a Windows key plus I and arrow to update and security. Once in update and security there is an option for Windows Defender.


Greg Wocher

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The question really is though, how effective are they and how invasive.
some now report nvdas activities as suspicious, so I've stayed with Microsofts one.
It does seem to pick up threats, but as in any of them, one can never know what they miss. Many people seem to have some malware run once solutions as well to double check how the main one is working.

This leads me to ask one question. In Windows 10, it says its using Windows Defender. Is this what we used to call MSSE in previous versions of Windows, but the question is, although it seems to say its working, I have not yet found out how one actually administers it like we used to do in msse, ie I see no tray icon at all.

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