Re: PDF file missing spaces

sardar shankar

opening the file in any browser might solve the problem. tha's how I
have solved same type of problem.

On 6/18/18, Tony Malykh <> wrote:
For what it's worth, one more potential solution that I found is to use
Google Chrome - it comes with a PDF reader, that seems to understand
spaces between words better. If the file is on your local computer, then
just type its full path into the address bar (e.g.
"C:\Users\tony\SomeFile.pdf"). Or if the file is online, just ytpe its
URL in the adress bar.

On 6/17/2018 2:19 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi everyone,

I know I've come across this before but I just can't recall the
solution.  I've got a PDF file which when I read it, parts of it read
with no spaces between words (ditto copying the text out or saving to
a text file).

It is something to do with how Adobe Reader interprets the spaces in
files created with certain other products, but what I can't remember,
is how do I fix it, please?



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