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I have not tried LibreOffice, but my understanding is: Libree is more frequently updated, but still has some accessibility barriers that Openoffice does not. I know someone involved somehow in the LibreOffice project was posting on this list sometime not long ago, so perhaps he will chime in. I thought of giving Libre a spin anyway, but really, both Libre and Open do the same things and have almost exactly the same functionality, so I didn’t think there was really any advantage in having them both around.

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Shouldn’t you use Libre Office instead of OpenOffice? From what I understand, OpenOffice is not supported, but LibreOffice is.

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Seconded; I think this a nice package, though I haven’t used the spreadsheet or database components extensively. Now, one thing to keep in mind though, is that while it can open most newer MS-type documents, it cannot save in the recent MS Office formats. You can save in the older MS formats, which newer versions of mS Office can still handle.

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I have had good success with open office. It has a standard menu system, instead of ribbons, which I personally like.

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Recommendation sorted for an office software that can access ms office files and obviously nvda can access as well.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Craig

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