Re: How to focus on the Windows 10 Autoplay pop-up


It should be windows+V to focus on the notification

Or view them in action centre

Or go to control panel > auto play

To set the defaults

Hope that helps



From: Brian Crabtree
Sent: 19 June 2018 09:53
To: NVDA Forum
Subject: [nvda] How to focus on the Windows 10 Autoplay pop-up


At each Windows update, Microsoft resets my autoplay settings.


As a result, when I put a CD into the PC, instead of it automatically calling up Windows Media Player it fires off a question, asking me to choose what happens when I insert a CD (or so I am told by a sighted helper).


This is in a small black box which pops out from the right of the screen, but rapidly disappears and is not shown in the Notifications panel.


Can anyone suggest how I might focus on this pop-out before it goes, or recall it afterwards, so I can choose “play with media player” from the list of options on offer.


Brian Crabtree



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