Some NVDA Questions, New User


Hi everyone,
I just recently started using NDA and using the tutorial produced by Joseph Lee, and am on part 5 of it now.  I have discovered a few things I would like to ask about. 
First of all, from other users perspective, what is the best web browser to use with NDA?  I know it supports all 3 major browsers, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, which the tutorial demonstrated all 3, actually 4, as Google Chrome is also supported but wasn’t demonstrated in the tutorial.  I noticed when using Firefox, when a link is encountered, it says Clickable, where Internet Explorer does not.  I haven’t been to a lot of sights but I notice on one sight, where some text under the headings also say Clickable, even though they are not links.  What’s going on here?
Also, how does one navigate FaceBook through all those links at the top of the pages, like Notifications, Friend Requests and all those top notifications?  It is my understanding that there are hot keys in Facebook that can be used.  My wife, who uses Jaws uses the mobile site,  I’d like to use the regular FB so I don’t miss out, since I’m used to that one, and on my iPhone as well.
Also, in another NVDA matter, I often hear it say, Ping when starting and I have to hit Windows M for the desktop, or when opening messages in Windows Live Mail or when browsing web sites.  Any idea what that is supposed to mean?
Hans Last
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