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Debra Gardner

the sublinux system may be a great thing, but unless one is savvy enough to figure out how to find and install it,  it's not going to be very helpful in converting anything.  Linux is a bit of a learning curve if you aren't at all familiar with it  as I have learned  and you don't have anyone  to walk you through it  as you might have with windows or IOS  or even Android.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] text aloud reader

Why bot use the sublinux system and use say something like

say -f filename.txt -r rate -v voice [if you have any installed] --progress -o filename.aiff

I used  this to convert chapters for a colledge book I was converting for a friend.

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I love Balabolka!
I have converted many text files into MP3 files, and I listen to them on my MP3 player. I use a portable version, very awesome!
David Moore 
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I also really like TextAloud, but I'm finding that the edit box where text
is typed or pasted isn't at all readable with NVDA. It works great with JAWS
though. Regardless, with version 4 of the program, you press Control+F6 to
create an audio file of the current article.
Another program I like that works great with NVDA and that is free is
Hope this helps.
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