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you can have text aloud create its own recording.

I do this all the time.

there is a option in text aloud that would allow you to do this


On 6/19/2018 7:59 AM, Gene wrote:
That's not practical for a document that isn't very short unless you do something like have a file read while you are sleeping or not using the computer for an extended time.  Also, why use a separate program if you are going to record in that way?  You can record your screen-reader reading a edocument.
Does Text Aloud just read or does it actually create its own recording of what is being read, allowing you to have a document recorded while using your computer for other things?
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Subject: Re: [nvda] text aloud reader

I had Text Aloud on an old laptop but not on my current one. If I wanted to record the output of NVDA reading something I would use Audacity (which is free) and you can set it up so that it records the sound coming through the soundcard (what NVDA is saying). That means you can use NVDA to say all and Audacity can record it. I record NVDA doing that and then export the Audacity result as an mp3, and then use Wavepad (which I know, from previous dialogue, you also use) to chop off the initial seconds and the ending seconds as I activate the recording mode and likewise end the recording mode.

I find Audacity / Wavepad a more configurable method than I did using Text Aloud (I can't remember if Text Aloud had user dictionaries, but you do have those with NVDA so you can define pronunciations of certain words if needed ... something I use a lot!)

Hope that helps :)


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