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Noelia Ruiz

I'm happy for this.


El 20/06/2018 a las 8:20, Craig escribió:
Thanks for the help.
However I am a bit mystified now.
The problem has gone away.
Classic webpage was a google search but its not happening now.
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Hi, I use the same versions of Windows, NVDA and Firefox and don't have this problem.
Do you get this issue in each webpage, or just in some of them?
Have you tried to restart Firefox and NVDA with all add-ons disabled?
This may help to find out what's causing it.
El 20/06/2018 a las 2:18, Craig escribió:

Using win10 1803.

NVDA 2018.2.1

Firefox 60.0.2

I am finding that when on the webpage using the arrow keys and they
don’t follow when I use the tab to a link the arrow keys are still in
a textual part like a paragraph of the webpage. Hope this make sense.

So if for example I tabbed to a link and I use the right arrow key it
is responding to some part of the text of a paragraph not the link.

I tried both screen review and object review modes. Doesn’t make any



Cheers Craig

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