Re: NVDA and SecureCRT or other ssh clients for Windows

√ėyvind Lode

I use cygwin and I've used cygwin for years now to access linux and
unix servers at work.

I install cygwin and add openssh (not installed by default) and
keychain (also not installed by default).
The standard cygwin console is not fully accessible though.
However, use the windows console / command promt instead as your
cygwin terminal and everything works fine.

On 20 June 2018 at 14:44, Ralf Kefferpuetz
<> wrote:
Shouldn't it be: config.conf["editableText"]["caretMoveTimeout"]Ms ?

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Hi, I don't use the program you're mentioning, just git bash.
Anyway, you may want to see this issue:

You can try to configure timeout, for example, following these steps:

1. Go to the application where you find issues.
2. Create a new profile for this application (or manual, in case you don't want it's triggered automatically).
3. Activate it so you can save configuration changes just for this profile.
4. Open the Python console (control+NVDA+z) and type the following lines (you can paste each line and press Enter):
import config
config.conf["editableText"]["caretMoveTimeout"] = 100

(change 100 for a value in milliseconds) and test with different values.


2018-06-20 10:55 GMT+02:00, Christian Schoepplein <>:

I need to work via ssh on linux servers in my job. In the past I used
Linux on my workstation, but now I have to use Windows. Now I am
looking for a Windows ssh client which is good to use with NVDA.

The prefered client for my employer is SecureCRT. I've configured this
client by following the steps described here:

This setup is working well, only one thing is causing me problems.

When navigating through the output of a command given in the shell the
focus of NVDA is always getting back to the line where the cursor is
located after one second or so. This makes it inpossible to read
through a shell window.

Does anyone know this issue and can it be solved somehow?

I also tested putty and cygwinssh. Cygwinssh seems to work fine, but
it has not that many features. Also I was not able to scrol back in a
shell output. Putty is OK in most cases, but sometimes the focus gets
lost or is shifted for a line or two.

Maybe someone is using SecureCRT also and can help me out with my
little problem, then it will be a good solution for me and my employer I think.

TIA and all the best from Munich,


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