Re: How to focus on the Windows 10 Autoplay pop-up

Rui Fontes


first, the auto-play is a notification.
You must press the Windows+V command in a hurry... But I've already managed to open that dialog...

Secondly, you tried to find the auto-play section on the CD-ROM properties?

Rui Fontes

Às 15:46 de 20/06/2018, Brian Crabtree escreveu:

I'm afraid that the pop-up Autoplay message is not a Notification, so Windows key plus V does nothing.
If you go to Settings / Autoplay, the CD is not visible as one of the options on my machine.
SDo, IU'm still keen to figure out if there is a way of focussing on the pop-up message - after all, it does say "click here to decide what should be done when a CD is inserted".

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