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Dejan Ristic

Well, it is the latest one being 6.1.1.beta, which means that I've not updated Ted when these changes have taken place. As to the NVDA version, I suppose that this issue has been caused when the latest version has come to us. Let me also say that Ted does not update frequently, once or twice in three years.

There is one more thing I'd like to share with you all when these two are concerned: When I open any other text-editable programme, NVDA always says 'edit multiline'. When I open Ted, multiline is missed out. I observed this before, but due to the fact that all was working fine, I did not pester you with my trifling complaints about a single word missed out.

Now that the issue has occurred, I've come to a conclusion that I'm to report whatever I find to be worth reporting.


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Do you recall which was the last working version?

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Yes, that's the programme from the link you presented to me.

Well, I'm sure that there are more visual lines, for, when I arrow down,
I read the status so that I am sure of the number of line I am on.
That's how I know that there are more lines on the screen. The status
bar is checked, and when I press the key command to read it, I'm
informed of the line number.


Previous NVDA versions worked well with Ted.


On 19/06/2018 12:22, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Dejan,

I'm not familiar with TED notepad directly, is this the one:

When you move by line, could it be that the text on one line might be
fairly long, and TED is wrapping it (visually), but still treating it
as one line which wraps over multiple lines?

It's a slightly different behaviour to say Windows notepad, but I've
seen it in some other editors. In generally NVDA should read the text
at the cursor, so assuming when you press DOWN ARROW that the cursor
is actually moving down by a couple of (visual) lines to after the
next linebreak character, NVDA should just be reading where the cursor is.

Kind regards


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    When I use Ted Notepad with NVDA, it is impossible for me to read
    a piece of text line by line. When I press either up or down
    arrow, NVDA reads the text as if it is contained in one line,
    although it fills up to two, three, or even more lines.

    One more thing:

    When I type in Ted, I happen to press enter to go to new line,
    NVDA always repeats what is typed in the previous line, and then
    repeats what has just been typed.

    In order to check whether Notepad worked fine, I filled it with
    some text, and I found that it worked quite well. It means that I
    can read text line by line when using up and down arrows.

    Thankful once more,


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