Windows 10 autoplay notification

Chris Mullins


Apologies if the subject line is not the one recently on the list, I’ve deleted all the messages associated with the thread and can’t remember the actual subject text however I hope the following helps.  Someone was talking about pressing Windows+v to access the autoplay pop-up notification. And suggested it needed to be done quickly or it disappeared.  I found this on the net regarding the length of time notifications hang around which may solve the problem of accessing it before it disappears.


You control how long Windows 10 displays notifications on screen using a single drop-down menu, but it’s not an obvious one. Instead of being grouped with other notification settings, you’ll find it buried in the Windows accessibility settings. It makes sense in hindsight (arguably), but we’re not sure how anyone could be expected to think of looking there in the first place.

Click Start > Settings (or press Windows+I) to open the Settings window and then click “Ease of Access.”


In the Ease of Access window, select the “Other options” tab and then click the “Show notifications for” drop down menu.


The drop down menu lets you choose various timing options, ranging from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. Just pick how long you’d like pop up notifications to stay on screen.


And that’s it! It’s just one little setting hidden away in a place you might never think to look for it, but hopefully it comes in handy. 


Alternatively you could switch off autoplay notifications in Settings/System Notifications and Actions section then in   Settings/Devices autoplay section, set actions for different peripheral devices.




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