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Nicolai Svendsen



Out of curiosity, what is Google Chrome’s accessibility status based on? The page currently says that “works somewhat well with NVDA”, but what does that actually mean, and when was that written?


I use it on a daily basis, and I’m finding that it works far better on my machine compared to Mozilla Firefox, at least in terms of speed. Performance-wise, I haven’t noticed anything thus far. I’ve been able to do everything that I could with Firefox without exception. To me, that statement feels inaccurate, but I’m wondering about it. I used Firefox for years until I got tired of it.


I also disagree with Thunderbird as a recommended e-mail client. I completely switched away from it a couple of weeks ago due to freezes, slow response when typing, a big delay when deleting messages before the next focused message would be reported, etc. I was against doing this at first, since I’ve just been used to Thunderbird and how it operates for years.


Granted, my machine is six years old, but I feel the excellent performance, both by Windows 10 Mail and Google Chrome, speak to how well these applications stack up in comparison. I definitely have not been able to communicate and browse the web this quickly for the last many years, but Firefox and Thunderbird were the only alternatives I was comfortable with at the time, until I got curious enough and took the plunge.


I’m hoping I can get some insight on this. As my experiences go, I feel like that application support page should be updated to reflect this. I can’t really get behind these statements for either application, and I’m curious as to when these were actually edited. I can’t see earlier revisions than those made seven hours ago, and I feel a lot of these details were glossed over. More in-depth information would be appreciated on this page, especially for programs which provide similar functionality. Saying something works “somewhat well with NVDA” is fine, except that lacks a lot of useful details for people wanting to make an informed decision.





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Fra: Robert Kingett
Sendt: 21. juni 2018 02:58
Emne: [nvda] Updated the wiki


I updated the applications support wiki. I cleaned up the grammar a bit and added one page for all the Microsoft products and services. I also added numerous links to the LibreOffice accessibility wiki and some more small changes. Let me know what you think.


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