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The layout changed.  Short cut commands designed to be used from outside of the program to open various dialogs or take specific actions still work. 

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Yes!  You did it, thanks for the directions, I did not know about those commands, as I said before the layout of the program changed.  It works now.  Thanks thanks



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Are you in the synthesizer dialog, control NVDA key s, or the voice dialog, control NVDA key v.


First, you move to SAPI 5 in the synthesizer dialog, then activate the ok button.  Then, open the voice dialog and find the voice you want in the list and activate the ok button.


I don't know what you have done but you may be looking in the wrong places.


I don't use the new version of NVDA but the latest version, and perhaps the one before, I don't know, uses a different interface for some settings.  I'll let those who use it discuss it further.



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Subject: [nvda] problems


I am greatful for any help with these items.

I have a new computer running Windows 8.1 and have downloaded NDVA several times and the Windows sapi5 voyce will not showup.  I also can not seem to find it in my windows.

I have also downloaded  2 of the free voices from the NDVA site and properly used the manage apps to install them and they will not appear in the list of synthesizers, as a matter of fact the ESpeak does not appear either.


Finally the menus have completely changed from just a week ago, because I had downloaded NDVA for another person and the menus completely different? Any thoughts?  Thanks so much  

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