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Noelia Ruiz

Hi, I use vitalSource Bookshelf as my primary ePUB reader with the
placeMarkers NVDA add-on, to manage bookmarks and notes for each
You can use control+repag and control+avpag to move between chapters,
f6 to switch between panels, for instance, the document and navigation
bar with a tree of chapters, control+b to focus the library, control+f
to search in the book from the navigation bar, and NVDA's browse mode
gestures in each chapter.
I describe this here since unfortunately the evaluation of this reader
hasn't been posted at, where other apps for ePUB have
been evaluated wit NVDA. I evaluated Adobe Digital Editions (not
recommended for me), and Azardi (good for ePUB with audio or
A fellow member of the volunteers which test ePUB reading system,
hosted by Daisy Consortium, evaluated Kindle with NVDA.
About Edge, I have to evaluate it but I couldn't do it the previous
weekend. I will sharethe link if reviewers of Daisy Consortium post
the evaluation.
Some of the issues I find in Edge are:
1. Words are sometimes splitted in two lines, which affects pronnounciation.
2. NVDA+v doesn't work and links can't be put in a new line.
3. Notes can't be added in browse mode, but they are supported in
focus mode, which is great and required for ePUB reading systems.

Here some links:
VitalSource Bookshelf webpage:


Kindle with NVDA 2018.1 and 2018.2, by Josh Andrews:



Hope this helps.

2018-06-21 9:41 GMT+02:00, Mallard <mallard@...>:


I've got to using Microsoft Edge to read epub files lately.

There is a huge thing called Virtual Shelf something, but I didn't like
it at all, so Edge has become my best friend when I want to keep the
kinks and formatting of the ebook.

Otherwise I use Qread, which is a paid app, but works a treat if you are
happy with a single file, where you can search the book, export to txt,
and much more.
Ciao, hth,

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