Re: Problem connecting a Hims Braillesense to NVDA

Michel Such

Ok, I'll tell him to try this way.

Michel Such

Le 21/06/2018 à 11:46, P. Otter a écrit :
hello, yes it is, very strange.
per haps for other screenreaders but not with nvda.
put the usb connector into the computer and choose inside the menu of nvda for the hims that's the driver for all of the hims displays like smart beetle, or braillesense or what ever.
i know, there are also braille displays they need an installed driver before or when you use a bluetooth connection.
but not with hims if connected with usb.
paul otter

Op 21-6-2018 om 10:46 schreef Michel Such:
Strange, the usr's manual says that a driver is required...

Michel Such

Le 21/06/2018 à 10:29, P. Otter a écrit :
hi, i think, that's the problem he has installed a driver for the braille sense.
there is no need to install any driver.
he has to go inside the menu of nvda there choose braille and there for the hims.
that's all!
he has nothing else to do.
i have the same braillesense and it works fine with the newest nvda.
so let he remove the installed driver and restart the computer and retry to connect the display

 as discribed above.
paul otter

Op 21-6-2018 om 10:03 schreef Michel Such:

A user telles me that, with the latest NVDA Version, He cn't connect his Braillesense terminal.

He installed the appropriate driver but the terminal is not recognized.

Has anyone got tnis problem and is there a fix I could suggest him?


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