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Not sure that will work. I have noticed that for no good reason some filenames in most Microsoft mail software get skipped when trying to actually get to them to either view or save them. it even happens in Outlook Express.

It would be interesting to find out whether other attachments show up and save normally.
Not sure if its nvda or the way microsoft make the focus go to the right place.
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Hello Rosemarie,

One way to save an attachment is:
Get into the body of the message,
arrow up to the top of the message,
shift tab once or more times until you reach the attachments field,
type control + a to select all the attachments,
hit control + c to copy all the selected attachments,
then open file explorer and go to the place you want to save the formerly attached file and hit control + v to paste the file.

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Subject: [nvda] can no longer save attachments in outlook

Hi, everyone,

Yesterday someone from the music list I'm on sent me a song I wanted to save. I could no longer save it in the usual way by hitting the context key. I had to use object navigation to save the message and that shouldn't be. What could be going on with outlook 2013?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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