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Dan Beaver


Yesterday someone suggested to another poster that plug-ins might be causing some issues he was having.  I too have been having lots of freezes and since I have a fair number of plug-ins installed I decided to try something.

I disabled almost all of the plug-ins I have installed and the freezes have gone away.  I was having at least 2 or 3 everyday prior to disabling them.  I have had none at all in the last 24 hours.

You might check and see if your plug-ins are causing your freezes too.

Dan Beaver

On 6/21/2018 2:29 PM, Jim Homme wrote:


As far as I can figure out, I’m having so many freezes with NVDA since Windows 10 was updated, NVDA went to 2018.2.1, or both, that I can’t reliably use NVDA. As far as I can tell, NVEA is not crashing, because I am looking for the old log file by using Windows+R, then typing temp and looking for it in that folder. I have debug turned on for the log. When NVDA freezes, it seems that the keyboard freezes. I have been trying to run either JAWS or Narrator, then passing the NVDA+F1 key stroke to get at the existing log, because I’m assuming that NVDA is still running, since I have not found the old log hanging around. I could really use some advise diagnosing this issue, so that I can either add to a GitHub issue some useful information or make a new one.


Thanks so much for letting me rant.




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