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Noelia Ruiz

Hi, I don't use JAWS at all, but I think you want to access to the Windows Taskbar.
There is a shortcut key on Windows for this: Press Windows+t. Then use right and left arrow to move between elements, Enter to open and the context menu (Applications key), to perform actions, for example, unpin an icon from the taskbar.
If you know the position of pinned icons, you can activate them pressing the Windows key (holding it) and then the corresponding number. For instance, I can open the file explorer by pressing Windows+2, which is the second pinned icon on my taskbar.
Alternatively, you can use an NVDA add-on named Systray List.
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El 22/06/2018 a las 5:38, Kelly Sapergia escribió:
In NVDA, is there a way to find out what windows are being displayed on top?
There have been a few times when I've needed to click on one of these, such
as to activate a product I was recently experimenting with, but they don't
appear to be easy to find, and are not available when Alt+Tabbing. With
JAWS, if I bring up it's Windows List with Insert+F10, I can easily see
which of these are available.
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