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Just to reiterate what Shaun has said, there is no problem with someone charging to create NVDA add-ons, and / or making add-ons which are commercial and which someone sells.  The only thing we would ask is that anyone doing that ensure it is clear they are charging for their service and work, and not NVDA itself, and that they are representing themselves or their company, not NV Access officially.

Of course, we are very encouraging of the open-source community and the fantastic add-ons which are made freely available by our wonderful community, but we recognise that often employers require work to be prioritised and to the requirements they set, and are willing to pay for that, so a commercial arrangement is the best way forward there.

Also, in some places, government schemes and subsidies are available for such work.  For instance, in Australia, the government have a "Workplace modifications" scheme, which will pay for any modifications to an employees standard work environment, to enable it to be accessible to someone with a disability - whether that be a height adjustable desk, extra lighting, add-on development for NVDA to work with an in-house program etc.

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On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 3:37 PM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
Well maybe its changed now but about 10 years back or so, they recognised jaws only and nothing else.

nvda is just about everywhere but still.

The big issue about making scripts for software x is that it could be in house and someone would have to have access to whatever top secret or whatever software it is to fix it.

Now what happens if there are only custom controls for everything we can't access.

In theory nvda's guide, the fact it uses python etc means that someone if they know what they are doing inside the company could write the scripts for their program.

Technically if they never released them online then it wouldn't matter if they did that or not.

I don't know what we could do about comercial programs free or opensource well maybe.

On 6/22/2018 4:26 PM, Sky Mundell wrote:
Hello Shaun. They don't do that here in Canada. Maybe some government
agencies might be required to use JAWS in Canada, but Shaw does not. I work
at a training centre for the blind, and we don't have a contract for JAWS
and we don't have exclusive agreements with FS so we could use NVDA as well
as JAWS in our centre. There is an 80 percent unemployment rate in Canada.
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I am not sure, any customisable things require jaws, its always been
this way.

I am surprised the place she works for doesn't just say you need jaws
thats what all the places I worked with did.

On a technical point in theory it should be good, but someone would need
to do inhouse stuff and well.

Saying that, if someone knew python and the addon writing stuff that was
in the company then they could do it, this is not jaws where everything
needs to be scripted for jaws.

We use publically released tools, languages, etc with our stuff its not
difficult if you know how.

At any rate, if you used just the nvda controler it couldn't be that
hard to expose controls.

Custom controls will always be a problem.

And to be honest, nvda's strong point is the newer web based
applications or basic windows controls.

I still have supernova/jaws for a few things with non standard controls
that need the extra power.

But some of those things can't see without scripts web based
applications in a fluent type of manner.

I am using thunderbird which is in fact a web based though locally
installed app,.

On 6/22/2018 3:31 PM, Sky Mundell wrote:
Hello list. I have a friend who works at Shaw, and she is using NVDA as
screen reader at work.  However, she has ran into a software that they are
using that needs to be scripted, and she is asking if anybody out there
script NVDA.  Has NV Access ever delbt with agencies that need custom
scripting solutions, and if so, how can we go about getting this custom
software scriptable with NVDA? Because I have listened to the NVDA
and Michael from NV Access has mentioned that Babbage uses and supports
as their primary tool and he'd like to be able to expand it so that it has
local support in each country, including Canada. Thanks, Sky.

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