Re: Windows 10 accessibility tools list at logon

Dan Beaver


A while back I reported that Windows had started showing me a list of accessibility tools every time I logged onto my system.  This was happening ever since Windows updated to the latest spring update.

I also reported that I turned off all my plug-ins and that the multiple daily freezes I was seeing had gone away.  Well I am very glad to announce that the accessibility tool list popup has now also stopped showing up at logon.  It looks like perhaps something in one of them was causing a condition where windows thought it needed to show me those tools.

Yes, I did try the suggestions folks posted to stop this behavior but none of those helped.

When I get the time to start turning my plug-ins on again I'll let you all know which ones cause these behaviors again.  I have checked and all of my plug-ins do appear to be up to date.

Dan Beaver

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