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I've read this a few times and I am seeing issues that could largely be fixed or customized in the firmware.

Do I interpret correctly that the hardware itself is well built and allowing for personal preference, generally comfortable to use?



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Hey Josh,

Besides NBP, you should send this info to Innovision directly:
Innovision <customercare@...>

I’ve also pointed out the loud beep. It is very loud. Sorry they haven’t addressed that. So…the uppercase only is a problem inside files? I was alerted that filenames must be all uppercase, but hadn’t had any files to check that I felt like renaming. 

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I also sent this to national braille press in the hope there will be a firmware fix real soon… Here is a quick review of braille me. I really like it. Sort of. My issues? 
  1. BrailleMe emits a loud smoke-alarm type beep when turning on, shutting off, system errors, and battery low. It’s loud and will be a big distraction in class, church, business meetings, and so on. They have to add an option to turn off all beeps and tones emitted by braille me.
  2. The five problem characters. Dot 4, dots 4-5, dots 2-4-6, dots 1-2-4-5-6, and dots 1-2-5-6. And uppercase and lowercase letters. Braille me reads uppercase letters-only as it stands now. If it sees lowercase letters in its brl or brf files, it ignores them. Braille me expects uppercase. It also expects and read this carefully with your arrow keys. For the five dot combinations listed above, it currently expects to see: @^[]\ … again read with your arrows or turn on all punctuation in the screen reader of your choice because I wrote at sign and caret and some other symbols used to drive braille devices. Braille me expects those. But if it sees, `~{}| … again use all punctuation… and if it sees lowercase rather than uppercase letters it just shows empty cells. This is a problem. Also, lack of word wrap, no compress whitespace and multiple linefeeds to make reading on displays easier, move by page either when hitting a formfeed character or move back and forth by 1000 characters or a braille page, that has to be added as well. Along with ability to add and delete your own custom bookmarks to make studying easier. When using with NVDA, and expand word at the cursor to computer braille is checked, it cannot show capital letters due to only a six dot cell. It cannot show dot7. I propose having capital letters in computer braille, i.e. letters with dot7 or any dot7 combinations to blink up and down. Also no ability to input any kind of braille into the computer. This should be added. Other than that. It’s fine. Other than that I am quite impressed with it! Cursor routing works great. 
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