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Much also has to do w/Skype, & you should check under audio options so
that volume are not lowered for Skype calls. You should also check
under the 'Sounds' applet of your Windows Control panel. Go to the
'Communications' tab & select the 'do Nothing' option' in order not to
make Windows lower volumes.

On 6/22/18, Roger Stewart <paganus2@...> wrote:
First, turn off audio ducking and this should stop the volume lowering
problem. If the nvda portable is in a directory on your computer, you
can make a shortcut to nvda.exe and then put a copy of this in your
startup group and it will start automatically. If you're running
portable version from a USB stick or other removable media, then this
can't be done.

Speech off turns off nvda's speech globally while sleep mode silences
speech for the currently active program only but it will return when you
switch to another program. This is good if you have a self voicing program.


On 6/22/2018 6:51 PM, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io wrote:
hi all
here are some questions i have:
1 when i use NVDA with skype, all sound volume lowers, system sounds,
skype as well as NVDA sound, how ot solve this problem
2 is there a way to have NVDA portable to load automaticall on a
computer? with out having to type the file location in the ron dialogue?
3 what is the difference between speach off and sleep mode?

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