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thanks allot roger, jackie  and brian

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1.  It sounds like you have audio ducking set to "Always On," which is not the default.  Open the NVDA Menu, Preferences, Synthesizer option and check what audio ducking is set to.  The default is no ducking.

2   There are tricks one could try to do this, but why not just install NVDA?

3.  Speech off is exactly what it says.  Sleep mode keeps NVDA running, but essentially disables over the application where you put it to sleep it until you wake it up.  It's watching for one and only one command, NVDA+Shift+Z to wake it up when focus is on that application.  Here's what the Commands Quick Reference says:  Sleep mode disables all NVDA commands and speech/braille output for the current application.  This is most useful in applications that provide their own speech or screen reading features.  Press the command again to disable sleep mode.

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