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NVDA does read songs in your iTunes library, but only the one it's first
focused on, without changing that focus if you arrow up or down. If you
scroll down your song list, you must press Tab then shift+tab for NVDA to
focus on the song you've moved to. This is certainly cluncky but at least
it's still possible to scroll up and down the songs list and read its
contents. When I'm exploring my iTunes music library I always have the view
set to Songs so I can't comment on what happens in Artists or Albums view.
I have also been able to view my playlists, but it took some battling with
iTunes before I was able to get back to the Songs view again.
Here's hoping iTunes accessibility on Windows won't deteriorate any further!
Bye for now!
From Clare

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Well NVDA doesn't read your albums, songs, etc. Anything in your library.
Readings in the iTunees Store and Apple music works fine.

On 5/19/2016 12:42 AM, Chris Shook wrote:
Thanks for the info. What areas should I avoid?

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