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I would also suggest that those of us of a cynical nature might suspect his to be spam phishing or just a scam.
If its genuine doing it this way will only make most people very suspicious.

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I'm sorry, but this is not a list for soliciting for personal or other donations not directly related to NVDA or perhaps for products related to NVDA in some direct way. As far as I know, there is no rule about this in the list rules but this would be a standard assumption on any list that doesn't specifically say it allows such solicitations.

There are other places to solicit money, such as Go Fund Me.

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Subject: [nvda] Donation needed to start my business #addonrelease #addonrelease #addonrelesae #addonrelese #addontesting #addonrelese

hello, I am a visually impaired from Bangladesh. I completed my post graduation degree 7 years ago. But still I did not get any job. So, my life is full of frustration. My family is very poor. That's why they are not able to provide me financial support. Just for few days I have taken a shop. But for having no financial capability, I am not able to start my business. So, I need your financial support. If you are able to donate me some money, I could lead my life comfortably. To donate me, you can follow my bank account as follow.
Md. Muklesur Rahman
Account no: 11010132924.
Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, Dhanmondi Branch, Bangladesh.

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