Re: NVDA and SecureCRT or other ssh clients for Windows

Norman <lists@...>


I personally use teraterm.

You can also configure openssh to work although it does require messing with the environment variables.

On 6/21/2018 2:58 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:
I use the cygwin file system, and the ssh that is built into the cygwin file system. I simply installed cygwin, and in the process, also installed all of it's available programs, mostly because it was too much trouble to figure out what was check and what wasn't, then after all ws said and done, I had a completely working cygwin environment, which (btw) isn't required to run the installed programs. Once cygwin is installed, you don't actually have to run cygwin in order to run the programs from it. I just open a command prompt, and type ssh user@server, and all works well. It's true there is no scrollback, which is sometimes important, but if you just need access, it works just fine.

On 6/20/2018 6:02 PM, Jason White via Groups.Io wrote:
Christian Schoepplein <chris@...> wrote:
This is working with Windows 10 only, isn't it? Unfortunatly I have to use
Win7, Win10 will be rolled out next year maybe :-(.
Windows Subsystem for Linux requires Windows 10; msys2 however does not.
Microsoft significantly improved the accessibility of the console in recent
versions of Windows 10. If these improvements are valuable to you, you can
probably make a case to your employer for a Windows 10 machine.

In the past I used a Linux box with a self installed Debian and a
virtualized Windows 7. That was the perfekt working enviroment for the
tasks I have todo in my daily work.
Which virtualization tool did you run on the Linux host? I'm considering doing
the same, or at least experimenting a little. I also need to find out how to
license Microsoft Windows to run on a virtual machine.

I've used KVM to virtualize a Linux guest before, but I haven't tried running
Windows in a VM.

I would expect NVDA to work, although the braille display would create some
issues even if the USB interface can be forwarded to the guest.

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