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You can download and install the JAWS demo to get the reader.  It is installed automatically with JAWS.  Then, if you wish, you can remove the JAWS demo.  the FS reader will function independently of JAWS and it has its own removal item that is separate from JAWS.  Whether you want to buy JAWS or not, demanding blind computer users can do things at times with another screen-reader that they can't do with NVDA.  There are times when NVDA does things that other screen-readers don't do or don't do well and there are times when other screen-readers do things better.  I have a JAWS demo in case it is needed or beneficial in certain situations.  The idea that only one screen-reader should be used for demanding blind computer users is a limitation on what can be done and it’s a needless one. 
I'm not advocating that you use the FS Daisey Reader instead of some other program.  I'm saying that it is available and that for many blind computer users, having more than one screen-reader is an advantage and at times, a significant one.

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thank you friends!
is a free daisy reader available with NVDA?
I am not interested in jaws.

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> Are these not the navigational info files used by Daisy?
>  I'd have thought the daisy readershould just use them.
>  Brian
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>> hi friends!
>> hope all are fine.
>> I recently have become a member of bookshare and downloaded some books
>> in daisy text only format, but files with smil extension are not
>> opening in my windows 7 64 bit asus laptop.
>> friends please tell me, what should I do now? shall I have to install
>> a new program?
>> friends please guide me?
>> I am a user of NVDA.
>> any help would be appreciated.
>> thanks in advance!
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efforts may fail but don't fail to make efforts.

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