Re: Quick help with outlook?


I am using Outlook 365, NVDA latest version and no add on. Here Outlook
does not come up in browse mode so I am able to use the shift tab right
away. Sometime when I do the shift tab NVDA first speaks the message
position, but at the same time it does move to the Subject line and read the
contents. Guessing this is of no help what so ever, but wanted to let you
know with this configuration, by the way latest version of Windows 10, that
what you are expecting to happen for your client is working here.

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Subject: [nvda] Quick help with outlook?

Hi all, I need to help some one using outlook and I don't have access to it.
When he does a reply, it puts him into brows mode. So, he can type a reply,
but he can't reach the to and subject lines. I had him do insert space to
turn browse mode off, but he was still unable to reach other fields using
shift tab.

Does any one know if those fields have alt key nemonics, or some other nvda
accessible way to reach them?



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