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Kenny Dog <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi Chris

You can try the following while you are in the web page make sure you
are focused in it, use the nvda key + the letter V It sounds like you
have use screen layout turned on and this will put text on one line and
say a link on another. You will need to turn it off, so they are both on
the same line.

You should hear it spoken when it is off. the same setting can be found
under the browse moode settings and just untick the box that says use
screen layout when supported.

the shortcut way is quicker.

hope this solves your problem.

Gene nz


On 20/05/2016 5:59 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
You can hit insert F-7 and that will take you to the links list.

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Do you have to use the tab key to click on the different links on I can read all the headings, links, etc, but if i want to click
on a link I have to tab to that link? Is their a key command to make this

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