Re: Loosing control of NVDA

John Isige

I've had something similar happen on websites sometimes, where it's
reading something and it takes a while for the control key to shut it
up. Never to the point where I had to restart though. I always thought
the machine was just busy doing something else, e.g. loading a page, so
it wasn't responding at the moment. It can be annoying, but nothing more
than that, at least for me.

On 6/25/2018 17:26, Gene wrote:
it sounds like a buffer overflow problem.  I haven't had it happen.
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Sometimes when I am reading documents either on the Internet or in
Thunderbird I loos control of NVDA. The text starts rolling down the
page and I need to turn off NVDA. It cannot be restarted so I need to
restart my computer.
Has anyone come across this problem?

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