Re: Loosing control of NVDA

John Isige

Oh, that thing! For me that doesn't manifest as NVDA not stopping its
reading of things. When I have to do that is when, well it's sort of
like a key is stuck but I don't think it actually is. But for example,
maybe I type n and it takes it as ctrl-n, something like that. Then
NVDA-q or whatever doesn't work, and I have to restart it to fix that.
That's a vague description because it hasn't happened for a while and I
usually just restart it when I notice it.

On 6/25/2018 18:12, David Moore wrote:

I have to restart NVDA a lot because of the same reasons you said.

There is a way that works to turn it off.

Instead of pressing NVDA+Q, first, keep pressing the control key, and
it will shut up in a minute. Next, press Windows+M to get to the
desktop. Then, press ALT+CTRL+N, and NVDA will restart.

Here is another way, because sometimes that will not work.

Press Windows+B to go to the notifications and actions.

Arrow to NVDA, and press applications key, shift+F10, or route the
mouse to that spot, and right click. Just arrow to exit, and NVDA will
ask you what you want to do, just press enter to exit. Then, just
start NVDA back up.

I have to do this a lot in Edge, on very interactive web sites, and in
Firefox a lot more than any other browser.

So, there are some options other than restarting the computer LOL!

I use the latest snapshots, and NVDA is more sluggish at this point
than it was a few months ago. I will keep using the snapshots, to test
and make recommendation’s.

Good luck guys!

David Moore

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I've had something similar happen on websites sometimes, where it's

reading something and it takes a while for the control key to shut it

up. Never to the point where I had to restart though. I always thought

the machine was just busy doing something else, e.g. loading a page, so

it wasn't responding at the moment. It can be annoying, but nothing more

than that, at least for me.

On 6/25/2018 17:26, Gene wrote:

it sounds like a buffer overflow problem.  I haven't had it happen.
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Sometimes when I am reading documents either on the Internet or in
Thunderbird I loos control of NVDA. The text starts rolling down the
page and I need to turn off NVDA. It cannot be restarted so I need to
restart my computer.
Has anyone come across this problem?

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