Re: Remote Access Difficulties

Rui Fontes

But that parameter should be checked on the machine accessing, in the machine being accessed or on both machines?

Rui Fontes

Às 16:17 de 26/06/2018, Rob Hudson escreveu:

Ervin, Glenn <glenn.ervin@...> wrote:
Yesterday I was not able to remote into my client's computer from work, his seemed to connect, but I could not.
So I tried it from home, and it seemed that I could connect, but it was strange in that when I press F11 to pass through keys, I had no speech, and he heard nothing going on at his end.
Do you have
"Handle keys from other applications
Checked in the
"Keyboard settings"
dialog? Access it by pressing NVDA+shift+k, or by navigating to the windows system tray with windows+b and arrowing until you reach the NVDA icon. Press enter on the icon and down arrow until you hear
and then open that menu. The first item will be
and in there is the dialog you want.

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