Re: IMPORTANT, quick responses required: any add-ons that are still not prepared for wxPython 4 besides Remote Support add-on?


I am really hoping dictation bridge will be updated
I use that add on alot
On 6/26/2018 11:47 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Dear NVDA community,


The following is rated “critical”, thus quick (yes, QUICK) responses are needed:


As NV Access is about to switch fully to wxPython 4, Mick asked if there are add-ons out there that could break significantly (and spectacularly) if wxPython 4 comes to NVDA master snapshots, and subsequently, 2018.3. NV Access does know that Remote Support is affected, and I wrote a hotfix for users affected by this. But NV Access may not know about important add-ons that are not ready to handle wxPython 4, thus we need your responses NOW.


A special plea to Remote Support add-on authors (Chris, Tyler and others): I know what I’m about to say is putting pressure on you (and possibly others), but I think this is the best way to address this for the sake of many people whose lives have changed because of your add-on:


Please choose carefully from the following options:


  1. Please release a Remote Support add-on update that addresses compatibility issues with wxPython 4 reported by users for the past few months.
  2. Please post a notice regarding compatibility issues with current Remote Support add-on so you can have time to write workarounds prior to release of NVDA 2018.3.
  3. Please let us (the community) post a notice regarding compatibility issues between current Remote Support add-on release and wxPython 4.


If we don’t hear from you by June 30, 2018, I’ll post a notice on community add-ons page regarding issues users could face when wxPython 4 is deployed to NVDA.


I do understand what I said above is very harsh and may have put pressure on you, and if I offended you in any way, I’m sorry. But the NVDA community said loud and clear for months how important this add-on is, and no action from add-on authors despite months of outreach efforts is an indication that we need to resort to, as some put it, “call you out”.


To others: the day of reckoning has come. What I said above applies to authors whose add-ons are considered important by the community yet did not take any action to prepare for this day. In addition to reassuring NV Access folks that we’re good to go, we need to reassure the NVDA community that add-ons are ready to move on. So please consider this a critical notice, hence the reason for asking for quick responses.


Thank you.



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