Re: a page that makes nvda to stop speaking


But why try to use other screen reader if you can simply change the browser?
It's more practical and you won't have to improvise anything.
Remember you always can have 2 or more browsers on your computer and use them when, where and as you like.
Em 27/06/2018 06:56, Alexandre Alves Toco escreveu:

Well, I believe it is a nvda’s problem because I did the same test with narrator and it worked...

Of course the page is not good. So I had to use tab to make narrator jump to the links after that edit control.



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Assunto: Re: [nvda] a page that makes nvda to stop speaking


Hehe you hadn't mentioned that the problem was occurring with Edge.
Knowing it, I tried to reproduce this step by step right now. And (SURPRISE!) I had this same problem.
Seems like it's a problem which only happen on Edge and it's really too weird.
I swear, I was getting disturbed with the idea of restarting my computer just because of this website. But happilly I didn't need to do it.
Well, you should try another browser, since Edge is presenting this annoying behavior.


Em 26/06/2018 23:46, Alexandre Alves Toco escreveu:

That is pretty strange.

First, you are right. The correct address is

When I type this in edge, nvda will say that the page is loaded.

So I start to arrowdown. I find a editbox and in the next arrowdown nvda stops speaking.

To get it back I have to close edge with alt + f4.




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Assunto: Re: [nvda] a page that makes nvda to stop speaking


Ok, let's see.
It seems like a flight company webpage. As far as I've seen, it works quite well without much problems.
Instead of what our friend wrote it doesn't showed any problem with NVDA, including stop speaking.
Guess it'd be a personal problem. :(

Em 26/06/2018 10:49, Brian Vogel escreveu:

I do believe there's an extra 'n' in there. takes me to a legitimate webpage, but since I do not speak Portugese I'd be a bad judge of whether what's being read is what should be read.

The page is incredibly graphics dense and involves a lot of constantly changing material, so I'd imagine that it might throw any screen reader off.


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